Smart Flood Protection for AirBricks

 Flood Defence - Airbrick Protection


Replacing standard clay air bricks with SMART AirBricks® provides automatic flood protection. It stops floodwater from entering a property through the airbricks.

Many properties have flooded from the floodwater entering their property through the airbricks. In fact, one standard airbrick can let in at least 500 litres of water per minute!  A shocking statistic if a property has several airbricks. Replacing standard airbricks with SMART Airbricks® greatly reduces the chances of flooding. Basically, it is a straight replacement for a standard clay airbrick.

SMART flood protection, the SMART Airbrick® is more efficient than flap type valves. A simple floatation valve automatically shuts off during flood conditions. Each SMART AirBrick® is handmade in the UK and individually tested.

Once installed your SMART AirBrick® is the ultimate permanent solution to prevent floodwater entering the airbricks. Additionally, it will act as a standard airbrick allowing the free flow of air. During flood conditions, the SMART AirBrick® will become activated stopping the flow of floodwater under the property. During heavy winds, the brick will also become activated, stopping fast airflow beneath the property, assisting the retention of heat within your house potentially saving you money.

The SMART AirBrick® is available in both terracotta and stone (grey) depending on the exterior of your property.

The SMART Airbrick® achieved the BBA PPA No06/P001 and Kite Mark PAS 1188-1:2009. Its geometry is compliant with BS493:1995.
Dimensions 225mm x 75mm.
SMART AirBrick® permanently fixed into position with mastic and then pointed with mortar.


Our short video on this page explains how the SMART AirBrick® works in normal, flood and windy conditions.

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