Flood Barriers and Flood Defence Products for Homes and Businesses

Demountable Flood Barriers

Flood barriers protect any size doorway, window, gateway or opening and are suitable for homes and businesses. We supply and install removable Nautilus 200 and Nautilus 400 aluminium flood prevention barriers. These robust flood barrier systems cover all flood prevention and protection needs. Manufactured in the UK to PAS 1188-4:2014 – Flood protection products. Part 4: Demountable products. Following the installation of flood defence barriers, our clients are able to protect their properties quickly and easily. The removable aluminium flood boards are lightweight and easy to slide into the rails. Then, applying the compression system is also an easy task. Single doorway flood protection barriers quickly assemble in minutes. Likewise, large commercial and industrial flood defence barriers take just several minutes to assemble. On each of our product pages, you can see one-minute videos on our flood prevention barriers being assembled.

Permanently fixed flood gates and flood walls

Glass floodwalls and floodgates similarly are permanently fixed in place. So no assembly required. Therefore, in the event of a flash flood, property protected automatically. Steel or wooden hinged flood gates and flood walls protect business and residential properties against flooding.

Other Flood Defence Products

In addition to flood barrier systems, other flood prevention products are available to prevent flood damage. Firstly, non-return valves fitted inside sewers protect properties from flooding by sewage. Secondly, backwater valves fitted to drainage pipes prevent backflow of water. Thirdly, swapping standard airbricks with SMART AirBricks® stops flood water entering the property through airbricks. Fourthly, flood pumps play a specifically important role in flood defence. Even the simplest of flood pumps are equally effective at removing flood water. Equally important is to check and seal the walls and floors of any possible entry points of floodwater. Also, waterproof sealant can be applied to the walls.

To demonstrate how each of our flood prevention products operates, we have a short one-minute video on each product page. However, should you require information on a product not shown on our website, please get in touch. We are adding more tried and tested, but most importantly, proven to work flood prevention products to our website. Contact us for a free quotation and advice.

Removable Flood Barriers for Environment Agency Protocol for the disposal of contaminated water and associated wastes at incidents for temporary flood defence barriers.