There are 2 million properties at risk from flooding in the UK, many will be directly affected by rivers overtopping or surface water but more homes are damaged indirectly by the backflow of sewage. The causes include severe rain storms, flooding, breakdown of pumping plant and blocked pipelines.

Most of the UK sewerage network was installed during the Victorian era before flushing toilets, washing machines and daily bathing became the acceptable practice. The pipe system put in place then is now unable to cope with the increased volume. Most of the rainwater falling on roofs, roads, paths and patios is now carried away from urban areas with the sewage by the same overloaded trunk sewers.

We supply and install a range of simple and cost-effective non return valves that are fully automatic with single or double flaps which prevent any backflow of sewage into a property.

As surcharge occurs, the float rises closing the valve which isolates the property from the sewer. The valve is forced shut all the time that the sewer is surcharging but still allowing normal flow from the property. The valve automatically opens when the surcharge has passed.

Flood Defence - Non-Return Valves