Other Flood Prevention Products

We only supply and fit these products when installing flood barriers or flood gates.

The manufacturer’s details are below if you would like to purchase supply only..

Non-return valve for manholes. Smart Airbrick’s will stop flood water. Flood pumps to pump out water from premises.

Non Return Valves
Smart Flood Bricks

Non-Return Valves


We do not sell non-return valves supply only. We only sell these as part of the package when installing our flood barriers.

The manufacturer to contact directly is:
ASAP Plastics & ASAP Septic Tanks.
Website: https://www.asapseptictanks.co.uk
Tel: 01623 232 240
Email: sales@asapseptictanks.co.uk

Link for 110mm push-fit non-return valves: https://www.asapseptictanks.co.uk/product/non-return-valve-110mm/

Non-return valves for manholes to prevent the backflow of sewage, foul waste and rainwater drainage are installed to the inside of the manhole. These are fully automatic and they stop backflow of sewage into a property.

As surcharge occurs, the float rises and closes the valve. This isolates the property from the sewer. During surcharge inside the sewer, the valve is forced shut preventing backflow into the property. Significantly the valve still allows normal flow out from the property. When the surcharge has passed, the valve automatically opens.

There are 2 million properties at risk from flooding in the UK. Many of these will be from rivers overtopping or from surface water. Also there is a high risk of being flooded from the backflow of sewage. This is caused from severe rain storms, breakdown of pumping plants and blocked pipelines.

Most of the UK sewerage network was installed during the Victorian era. This was before flushing toilets, washing machines and daily bathing became the acceptable practice. The pipe system put in place then is not able to cope with this increased volume. Most of the rainwater falling on roads, paths and patios is now carried away from urban areas with the sewage by the same overloaded trunk sewers.

Backwater non-return valves to prevent the backflow of sewage are fitted directly to the pipe. The valve contains a flap that allows water to exit the property, but closes to prevent the back flow into the property.

There are many types of non-return valves and backflow valves. These can be assessed in a full site survey and the correct measures for your property can be advised.

Smart Air Bricks
Smart Air Bricks

SMART AirBricks®


We do not sell SMART AirBricks® as supply only. We only sell these as part of the package when installing our flood barriers.

The manufacturer to contact directly is:
Nicky at Eco Coverage Technologies Ltd.
Website: http://www.ecocoverage.co.uk
Tel: 01243 786 015
Email: info@ecocoverage.co.uk

Replacing standard clay air bricks with SMART AirBricks® provides automatic flood protection. It stops floodwater from entering a property through the airbricks.
Many properties have flooded from the floodwater entering their property through the airbricks. In fact, one standard airbrick can let in at least 500 litres of water per minute! A shocking statistic if a property has several airbricks. Replacing standard airbricks with SMART Airbricks® greatly reduces the chances of flooding. Basically, it is a straight replacement for a standard clay airbrick.
SMART flood protection, the SMART Airbrick® is more efficient than flap type valves. A simple floatation valve automatically shuts off during flood conditions. Each SMART AirBrick® is handmade in the UK and individually tested.

Once installed your SMART AirBrick® is the ultimate permanent solution to prevent floodwater entering the airbricks. Additionally, it will act as a standard airbrick allowing the free flow of air. During flood conditions, the SMART AirBrick® will become activated stopping the flow of floodwater under the property. During heavy winds, the brick will also become activated, stopping fast airflow beneath the property, assisting the retention of heat within your house potentially saving you money.

The SMART AirBrick® is available in both terracotta and stone (grey) depending on the exterior of your property.

The SMART Airbrick® achieved the BBA PPA No06/P001 and Kite Mark PAS 1188-1:2009. Its geometry is compliant with BS493:1995.
Dimensions 225mm x 75mm.
SMART AirBrick® permanently fixed into position with mastic and then pointed with mortar.

Our short video on this page explains how the SMART AirBrick® works in normal, flood and windy conditions.

Flood Pump
Dehydro 2 Emergency Pumping Kit

Flood Pumps


We do not sell pumps supply only. We only sell these as part of the package when installing our flood barriers.

The manufacturer to contact directly is:
Polypump Ltd.
Website: https://www.polypump.co.uk
Tel: 01296 488 294
Email: sales@polypump.co.uk or chat online is available.

Flood pumps are an essential part of flood defence. Even the simplest of flood pumps are effective at removing flood water and reducing the damage that flooding causes.

‘Puddle pumps’ are free standing and submersible ‘sump pumps’ usually need to be submerged in the water, thus requiring a chamber to be dug.

Puddle pumps are portable, perfect for situations when you need to move the pump to a different area, such as uneven ground. They can also pump water to lower levels than submersible pumps can. Puddle pumps require little storage space. Hence they are simple to store away for all types of flooding emergencies. Effectively they ‘hoover’ the water and pump it away from the area to be dried.

There is a wide range of flood pumps available. At a site survey, we can advise on which type of flood pump is suitable for your property.

These are our two most popular flood pumps. We will be adding more flood pumps to this page soon, so please do get in touch if you would like a quotation for any puddle pump or sump pump.

We have a wide variety of flood defence products to help prevent water ingress into your home or business.

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