Flood Gates Protect Property From Flash Flooding

Driveways, entrances, gateways, pathways and passageways easily protected against flooding with our range of flood gates. Aluminium demountable flood barriers quickly assemble to flood-proof openings of any width. Permanently fixed floodgates manufactured in hardwood or steel requiring no assembly by the client.

Nautilus 400 Aluminium FloodgatesFlood Gates

Nautilus 400 removable flood barriers are the most economical flood solution to protect such openings against flooding.

Any width protected by using a demountable post at every 2.5 metres. When the floodgate is not in place, the opening remains unrestricted, allowing full access.
If a flood is imminent, remove covers from hidden ground sockets, insert posts followed by aluminium flood boards. Flood barrier assembles quickly and easily. In fact, a driveway or wide entrance easily protected in minutes.

As can be seen on our video, photos and brochure. Single gateways/entrances quickly protected by Nautilus 400.

Another video, more photos and a brochure for double gateways/entrances (or any required span).

Hardwood Flood Defence GatesFlood_Gates

Hardwood floodgates are very effective at diverting the flow of water. As shown above, they look just like standard wooden gates. When closed they create a tight seal to the sides and ground. Each gate is individually handmade in the UK and bespoke gate design and replication services are available. Single garden or pathway gates, double gates for driveways.
Generally, wooden flood gates are the preferred choice for residential properties. Although, some flood prevention gates manufactured from steel.
No assembly required by the client and the property automatically protected against a flash flood. In the event that a swing floodgate needs removing, simply lift off its pins and re-fit when required.

Steel Flood Gates  Steel Flood Gates

As with hardwood floodgates, we can protect driveways or commercial properties with steel floodgates. Photos and information available on request.


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