Flood Pumps

Flood pumps are an essential part of flood defence. Even the simplest of flood pumps are effective at removing flood water and reducing the damage that flooding causes.

‘Puddle pumps’ are free standing and submersible ‘sump pumps’ usually need to be submerged in the water, thus requiring a chamber to be dug.

Puddle pumps are portable, perfect for situations when you need to move the pump to a different area, such as uneven ground. They can also pump water to lower levels than submersible pumps can. Puddle pumps require little storage space. Hence they are simple to store away for all types of flooding emergencies. Effectively they ‘hoover’ the water and pump it away from the area to be dried.

There is a wide range of flood pumps available. At a site survey, we can advise on which type of flood pump is suitable for your property.

These are our two most popular flood pumps. We will be adding more flood pumps to this page soon, so please do get in touch if you would like a quotation for any puddle pump or sump pump.

We have a wide variety of flood defence products to help prevent water ingress into your home or business. Contact us for a free quotation and advice.