Flood Protection and Flood Prevention Solutions and Products

Floodstop Ltd is one of the United Kingdom, leading flood protection, flood prevention and flood control specialists. We supply and install flood protection barriers, glass floodwalls for riverside properties, flood gates, flood control solutions and other products to suit. Furthermore, we supply and install aluminum Nautilus flood defence barriers which are mountable in minutes and demountable for easy storage. Hence, with increasing heavy rain and flooding, there is a greater need for flood preventions and protection solutions of homes and businesses.

Flood Protection and Prevention for Homes

Firstly, we supply a wide range of flood protection flood barrier widths to suit any home doorways or entrance. Secondly, this includes flood barriers for garage doors and driveways. With the high value of property, appliances, and possessions, our flood prevention, flood control and protection products can give you peace of mind.

Flood Protection for Homes

Flood Protection and Flood Prevention for Businesses

Flood Protection for Businesses

We supply a range of flood prevention, flood control and protection products for businesses, factories and shop fronts. Furthermore, our flood barriers can protect doorways and entrances or the front and rear of shops and business. We supply and install variable widths of flood barriers and oneway non-return valves for manholes.

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Permanent Glass Floodwalls

We supply and install permanent glass floodwalls. Most often used to protect seafront or riverside properties. Glazed Floodwall gives permanent flood wall protection while keeping the view intact.

Smart Airbricks

Smart Airbricks can prevent floodwater from entering their property through the airbricks. Replacing old standard airbricks with SMART Airbricks® reduces the chances of flooding.

Non-Return Valves

Non-return valves are installed into a manhole. Thus, automatically stopping the backflow of sewage into a property. As the surge occurs, the float inside rises and closes the valves.

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