Flood Barriers for Garages and Driveways

Flood barriers for garages, garage doors, driveways, wider doorways, patio doors, shop fronts, factory doors, and roller shutter doors. The Nautilus 400 flood barrier system is the most straightforward yet most robust flood barrier system on the market. They are also used for wider openings such as alongside rivers or the sea, industrial premises, and warehouses.

The Nautilus® 400 flood barrier system is suitable for residential and commercial property. It has been developed as a quick and convenient method of building a watertight flood barrier that can be easily assembled in the event of a flood. Also, dismantled and stored away when the danger has passed.
Nautilus® 400 is a robust flood barrier panel, which means it can span wide distances and tackle the most hostile and pounding water environments.

Nautilus® 400 uses two permanently fixed vertical rails fitted on either side of the opening to be protected. And pre-installed unobtrusive ground sockets to allow the demountable posts to be put in place. Aluminium panels are then dropped into position so that, when deployed, a barrier up to 1600mm high for any required span over 2500mm wide is ready to protect your property.

The Nautilus® 400 flood barriers do not require a ground bracket or frame. This flood barrier system has a very thick ground gasket on the bottom flood panel. This gets pushed down to seal to the ground when the compression system is applied. As long as there is a 2/3mm tolerance, the ground gasket will take up any undulation.

Concrete lintels are reinforced with steel bars and form an ideal base for our barriers to seal down to. Our installation engineers cut out the ground, set in concrete lintels, and bed them on rapid set concrete. The flood barrier panel compresses the ground gasket (rubber) down onto the concrete lintel to create a watertight seal.

Our Flood barriers for garage doors and driveways can fit any size garage doorway or drive for your homes and business. Our flood defence barriers for garage doors and driveways are the perfect flood solution for your garage doors and driveways to protect against and prevention to stop flooding.

Please see to two options available, the Nautilus 400 Flood Barriers under 2500mm Wide or the Nautilus 400 Flood Barriers over 2500mm Wide which are perfect for the job, with quick and easy deployment in minutes.

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