Nautilus® Bespoke Flood Barrier Specials

Bespoke Flood Barriers for Special Requirements
Flood Barrier Packers

Bespoke Flood Barriers with Packers

Nautilus® flood barrier specials can be adapted and designed to fit any property or needs. Packers are the most commonly used for ‘special’ for the Nautilus® removable flood barrier component. Packers are aluminium, and they are welded to the back of an aluminium side rail. These are required to bring a temporary flood barrier forward to clear door sills, handles, security entry pads and steps etc.

Bespoke flood barriers and special fixtures for temporary demountable flood barriers and flood defence solutions. Designed and manufactured in the UK.
We offer bespoke solutions to enable the installation of our flood barriers in tricky situations.

  • Powder Coated Colours Available
  • Angled side rails
  • Tee Joints
  • Packers fixed to the side rails
  • 4 Way Joints
  • 90 Degree Joints
  • Others

It is worth checking with your local council to see if you may be eligible for a grant.

Bespoke Powder Coating
Flood Barrer Powder Coating

Powder coating

We can powder coat the side rails which are permanently attached to a RAL code of your choice. To match the brick colour or door colour, making the rails less inconspicuous.

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