I started off with an initial reticence about the work, mostly due to the lack of a survey, Floodstop were not in our neck of the woods for many weeks so Sandie and Lance helped me over the phone in providing them with the information that they needed. My measuring skills are legendary – and not in a good way, so basing the job/price on my photographs and my measurements left me feeling a little uneasy.

This was assuaged somewhat when you contacted us to suggest a modification, to improve the aesthetics. Then, on the first day of installation, I left for work, expecting to come home and find the garage taken over by tools, and product. I was absolutely blown away by the reality. Not only was the job completed, in one day instead of two, it was neat and tidy, with the barriers ‘stored in the garage’ not just left for me to put away, Obviously Lance has been doing the job for a while, but the obvious concern for accuracy and visual impact was impressive. His tidying up left nothing for me to do!

Really, really pleased with our dealings with Floodstop.