We had five flood barriers fitted by Floodstop three years ago, two to the roller shutter doorways & three single doors.The service we received from Sandie & Lance was extremely professional.

Thankfully since we had the barriers fitted we have not had to use them in anger, that is until last weekend. The river rose & out came the barriers, but because we fit the barriers on a regular basis we can now have them all in place in under one hour.

We watched as the water level rose and waited with some trepidation to see if the barriers would hold back the river….I am happy to report they did exactly what Sandie & Lance assured me they would do, the water was kept back & my factory remained dry.

As per Sandies instructions we fit the barriers regularly, store them correctly and make sure that they are kept in good condition, I believe this was a contributing factor to the success of the barriers.