Having trawled the market I chose this company because the products they offered were appropriate for my needs. I have outward opening doors and the Nautilus 400 works in this environment. I found the company extremely helpful in guiding me through the process of selecting the right product and the preparation needed before installation could commence. I was even able to speak with their fitter, Lance, who gave me sound advice on the products needed and the process of installing the flood protection.. Having taken delivery of the products my confidence was reinforced, sturdy and very well engineered. I installed these myself for four doors, one being a pair of garden room doors. The instructions for installation were perfect. They are fitted, water tight and I am have to say the, very pleased. Well done Bob and of course Floodstop. It was not difficult, my only stress was ‘what if I got it wrong?’ Let’s hope I don’t need to use them in anger! So to speak. All round a fantastic service, product and I feel safe. I won’t bother building the big boat.