Register To Receive Flood Warnings

Alerts are live 24/7, straight from the Environment Agency, it takes less than a minute to join.

Flood Warning

Click on the image above to check on the current flood warnings that are in place.

Complete Your Personal Flood Plan

Act now by planning what you would do in a flood. Don’t wait until it happens, you may not have time. Completing a flood plan will help you decide what practical actions to take before and during a flood, which will help reduce the damage flooding could cause.

Know Your Flood Risk

Probably the most informative and helpful website out there! Offers great advice and guidance for before, during and after a flood.

Free downloadable: ‘Homeowners Guide to Flood Resilience’

National Flood Forum

Has lots of helpful pages offering advice and support. The National Flood Forum is a national charity dedicated to supporting and representing communities and individuals at risk of flooding.

Ecogrid Permeable Paving

Tarmac, concrete and block paved drives can be problematic with surface water collection and surface water run-off leading to localised flooding and damage to property. A cost effective and easy to install solution to this problem is a permeable paving, recycled plastic grid called Ecogrid.

Flood Control: What You Can Do

Some great ideas for creating a rain garden which prevents excess rainwater from flooding your property.

How We Can Make A Difference To Reduce Flooding

By making small changes, we could all make a big difference. By flushing items down the toilet that should go into the bin, sewers become blocked and full. Then with extreme rainfall the sewers then can overflow and flood properties and gardens with sewage water.