Nautilus 400 Flood Barriers over 2500mm Wide

Nautilus® 400 Flood Barriers over 2500mm Wide These barriers can also double up to be used as floodwalls Nautilus® 400 demountable flood defence barriers are the ultimate flood protection for commercial and industrial premises, including factories, warehouses, loading bays/docks, driveways and garages. Flood defence barriers and other flood

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Nautilus Bespoke Flood Barriers for Special Requirements

Nautilus® Bespoke Flood Barrier Specials Bespoke Flood Barriers with Packers Nautilus® flood barrier specials can be adapted and designed to fit any property or needs. Packers are the most commonly used for ‘special’ for the Nautilus® removable flood barrier component. Packers are aluminium, and they are welded to the back

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Flood Gates for Driveways, Gateways, Entrances – Hardwood

Hardwood Flood Gates for Driveways, Gateways, Entrances Hardwood flood defence flood gates for driveways, gateways and entrances are suitable for residential homes, business properties and entrances. Permanent hardwood floodgates are very effective at diverting the flow of water. As shown above, they look just like standard wooden gates. When closed

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