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  • We are a family-run business and at Floodstop Ltd we take pride in offering a first-class service as one of the leading and most reliable companies in the UK for flood barriers and defence systems. When you contact us, you will be answered by Sandie the owner or her husband or sister. So, we don’t have a sales team, and you will get our experienced advice with no pressure, which speaks for itself. You can view our excellent reviews and case studies, and our clients are happy to provide references for our punctual high-quality workmanship and communications for the hassle-free service we take pride in offering all our clients. No job is too big or too small, as we are geared up to serve any client’s needs in the UK.
  • Our helpful highly trained and experienced mitigation engineers complete every installation to the highest standard.
  • Flood protection and prevention products are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.
  • We have a proven track record with 18 years of expertise in flood barrier systems and flood protection solutions. Our flood mitigation engineers can advise which flood prevention products are suitable to protect your property from flooding.
  • Above all, our Nautilus flood protection rapidly deployable barriers and flood prevention products have proven to work in real flood situations.
  • Nautilus flood barriers for residential and commercial uses and purposes for variable flood protection needs and requirements.
  • The Nautilus 200 and 400 flood barriers far exceed the allowable leakage rate standard per metre, as shown on our flood resistance test video page.
  • Nationwide UK coverage and installation fitting service or flood barriers for supply only in the UK or export overseas with worldwide shipping available.
  • It might be worth contacting your local Council to see if you are entitled to a grant, usually £5,000.
  • Contact us for free advice or see our Get a Quote page.

Demountable Flood Barriers and Flood Defence

Our flood barrier systems are renowned for being one of the best flood prevention barrier systems in the UK. We can supply or install flood barriers that seal any size doorway, gate, or entrance. These are demountable flood defence barriers with watertight rubber seals fitted on the front and back as well as the bottom of all flood barriers. Therefore, our flood defence systems are reusable flood barriers that will protect your homes, businesses, and properties from flooding. Our Nautilus temporary flood barriers for homes, businesses, gates, drives, and entrances are removable flood defences. Flood defence barriers for doors and doorways prevent flooding, patio doors, and small or large entrances. These barriers act as temporary flood barriers to prevent flooding or they can be used as floodwalls. The Nautilus 200 and 400 series flood barriers are robust yet the most straightforward flood barriers on the market. They are made of strong, high-quality lightweight aluminium barriers that are removable flood barriers for businesses and homes in the UK. The Nautilus temporary flood defence flood barrier systems will protect doors and entrances of any size and are quick to deploy to protect from flooding. We strongly believe that Nautilus flood barriers are the best flood barriers on the market for strength, build design and quality. They are strong but lightweight aluminium flood barriers that are quickly deployed and demountable barriers and posts where needed for easy storage.

Therefore, these flood barriers are demountable and removable flood barriers for all flood solutions and are affordable flood protection barriers. Consequently, after the initial installation, assembling our reusable flood defence barriers is a quick and simple process for flood control to protect properties quickly. Hence, our clients can protect their property against flooding within minutes with our temporary flood barriers that are reusable flood defence barriers for businesses, homes, gates, driveways, garages, and entrances. So, our flood barriers for homes, and businesses have wide applications of uses for many facilities, including flood defences for factories, house doors, patio doors, windows, garage doors, driveways, gateways, shops, office doors, warehouses and factory doors, loading bays, small or wide entrances and much more.

Flood Barrier Testing Video Below

YouTube Flood Barrier Test Home Page

About the Nautilus® Flood Barrier Systems

The Nautilus® 200 under 1500mm Flood Defence Barrier is specifically designed for single doorways for homes, properties, businesses, or commercial buildings. Therefore, these reusable and removable flood prevention barriers span 1.5 metres without demountable posts to protect a width up to 1.5 metres. However, the Nautilus 200 over 1500mm product is specifically designed for wider doorways such as patio doors, driveways, garages, and business premises. Greatly, the Nautilus® 400 under 2.5 metres is a stronger flood barrier for higher flood protection designed again for single doorways in homes or business properties. Whereas the Nautilus® 400 over 2500mm wide demountable flood defence barrier is the ultimate flood protection for patio doorways, garage doors, driveways, businesses, shop fronts, commercial buildings, industrial premises, and wider areas such as wide entrances. Also, the Nautilus® 400 over 2500mm can be used as floodwalls for riverside, seaside or seafront homes and properties. We also supply and install hardwood floodgates or flood barriers for local district councils, council housing, and local authorities.

Furthermore, our barriers are stackable for storage and are removable flood control barriers for flood protection and prevention. Equally important, they are suitable for flood prevention for residential homes and small or large commercial businesses to stop and prevent flooding. We are specialists in flood protection and storm surge flood barriers. Notwithstanding, our temporary flood barriers are suitable for any opening and property. As a result, our flood protection barriers and gates are ideal for driveways, shop fronts, shutter doors, office doors, patio doors, and yards. Consequently, we provide flood barriers to protect factories, warehouses, crematoriums, village halls, entrances, industrial facilities, and commercial flood barrier installation solutions or flood panels.

Flood Barriers for Garage Doors, Driveways, and Entrances

We supply flood barriers for garage doors, driveways, and entrances. The Nautilus flood barriers will fit any size drive entrance or garage door. These barriers are generally less expensive than flood gates, and a great way to protect your property, driveway, or garages from flooding. Please see our page for the best options for Garage Doors and Driveways that will suit your home or business needs.

Hardwood Floodgates for Driveways, Gateways, and Entrances

We supply and install Hardwood Flood Gates.  Our floodgates are for driveways, gateways, pathways, entrances, and passageways for residential, business, or commercial uses. Hence, our flood gates will divert the flow of water and are very practical and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Flood gates are permanently fixed, requiring no assembly by the client; therefore, the property is automatically protected from flooding if a flash flood occurs. Each floodgate is individually handmade in the UK, and bespoke gate design and replication services are available. We also supply flood barriers, which are more economical compared to hardwood flood gates.

Flood Barrier Supply Only or Installation

Please see our supply-only page.

Contact us or get a free quotation and advice on our Get a Quote! page.

Floodstop Ltd is Based in Selsey West Sussex

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