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Floodstop Limited is one of the leading flood barriers and flood protection specialists in the UK. Flood defence solutions for households, businesses, local authorities and housing associations. We supply and install removable flood defence barriers and flood prevention products for homes and businesses nationwide.

  • We have excellent reviews and case studies, and our clients are happy to provide references.
  • Our highly trained and experienced mitigation engineers complete every installation to the highest standard.
  • Flood protection and prevention products manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.
  • With a combined 17 years of reliable experience in flood defence and flood barrier solutions. We can advise which flood prevention products are suitable to protect your property from flooding.
  • Above all, all of our flood protection barriers and flood prevention products have proven to work in real flood situations. Contact us for a free quotation and advice.

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Flood Protection Systems

Flood Barriers

Nautilus Flood Barriers Demountable Flood Defence Barriers

Removable Flood BarriersFlood protection barriers to seal any size doorways or entrances with our watertight Demountable Flood Prevention Barriers. Temporary Nautilus flood barriers to protect from floodwater damage are quickly mountable and demountable for easy storage. Although manufactured from high strength aluminium, they are lightweight. Therefore, our removable aluminium flood barriers are the most affordable flood barriers and easy to handle. Consequently, after the initial installation, assembling our flood defence barriers is a quick and simple process for flood control. Our clients can protect their properties against flooding within minutes – temporary stackable flood barriers for flood defence, protection and prevention for residential homes and businesses against flooding. Specialist flood protection solutions and storm surge flood barriers for house doors, driveways, shop doors and fronts, offices, factories, warehouses, crematoriums, churches, village halls, garages, shutter doors, buildings and entrances, industrial and commercial flood barriers/panels. Removable barriers and flood gates for waste disposal, recycling plants/tips.

Storing Flood Barriers

Afterwards, the flood barrier board panels dismantle and store away easily, ready for the next flood event. Nautilus removable flood barriers manufactured in the UK. They carry the PAS 1188-1 and PAS 1188-4 accreditation. The standard recognised by the Environment Agency and the British Standards Institute.

Glass Flood Walls

The Glass Flood Wall SystemGlass Flood Walls gives permanent flood protection requiring no assembly by the client. Compared to other flood defence systems, the glass floodwalls do not compromise on beautiful views. Hence, glazed floodwalls are the ideal flood defence solution for seafront and riverside properties.
Alternatively, temporary flood defence walls can be quickly assembled using Demountable Nautilus Flood Barriers. This robust flood protection system can span vast distances and can also defend against hostile and pounding floodwater.

Flood Defence Gates

Flood_GatesFurthermore, we supply and install Steel Flood Gates and Hardwood Flood Gates. They divert the flow of water and are very practical. Hardwood floodgates are also aesthetically pleasing. Flood Gates are permanently fixed, requiring no assembly by the client; therefore, if a flash flood occurs, the property is automatically protected from flooding. Each floodgate is individually handmade in the UK, and bespoke gate design and replication services are available.

Other Flood Defence Solutions

Our Nautilus demountable flood barriers are the perfect solution to flood-proof your home or business. However, numerous other flood prevention systems are available; some of our flood protection products are listed below. Also, it is imperative to check and address any possible entry points for flood water.

  • Seal with silicone any cable or pipe entry or exit points.
  • Fill cracks/holes with mortar, or re-point if excessive.
  • Apply breathable waterproof sealant to solid brick and of sound condition walls.
  • Check the construction and condition of the floor.

We carry out all of the above free of charge when installing our flood defence barriers or flood defence gates.

Anti-Flood Air Brick Protection

Smart_Air_BricksProperties have flooded from floodwater entering through the air bricks. 500 litres of water can enter one standard airbrick in one minute!  Worrying enough, but when a property has one, there will undoubtedly be more than one airbrick. Replacing standard clay air bricks with SMART AirBricks provides automatic flood protection. It stops floodwater from entering a property through the airbricks.

Non-Return Valves and Backwater Valves

Additionally, bNon_Return_Valveackwater valves and non-return valves are a simple, cost-effective solution to protect properties from flooding. Non-return valves installed inside of manholes. Basically, these are fully automatic, and they stop backflow of sewage into a property. One way valves fitted onto drainage pipes decrease the risk of sewage backing up into a building during a flood. The valve allows water to exit the property but closes to prevent the backflow into the property.

Flood Pumps, Flood Alarms and Other Flood Prevention Products

To be sure of protecting your property against flooding from every possible point of entry is crucial. It is also wise to purchase a Flood Pump. They are an equally important part of flood protection. Coupled with other flood prevention systems, Flood Pumps can drastically reduce the damage that flooding can cause. We also supply and install flood alarms and many other flood defence products all around the UK. Contact us to see how we can help protect your home or business against flooding.

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Sowerby Bridge Floods on Boxing Day 2015

Worst Flooding

The worst floods since 1968 hit Sowerby Bridge in West Yorkshire, Boxing Day 2015. Like many thousands of homes and businesses, Halifax Ironworks suffered extensive flood damage.

Nautilus Flood Defence Barriers

Not wanting to risk going through this devastation again, Halifax Ironworks put in mezzanine floors to raise machinery. We installed Nautilus demountable flood defence barriers for doors to protect each doorway. Also, other flood protection products were fitted to prevent flooding.

Over the last three years, the team at Halifax Ironworks have been regularly checking and assembling their flood defence systems. Additionally, they check the condition of the walls. By taking these appropriate measures ensures being fully prepared for another flood.

March 2019, the flood defence barriers were truly tested for the first time. Our clients were happy to report that their factory remained dry. You can read their fantastic review over on our Reviews Page.